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File Protection System

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If you have an older version of QwikSecure there is a Version 2.2 Update Available. Download NOW!

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A fast and reliable way to hide your files and folders on your home or small office computer. You can hide your folders as any one of five possible disguises. Choose to hide your folder as your 'Recycle Bin' and any unauthorized user will be directed to your recycle bin instead of your protected folder or directory. This system is secure from all but the most skilled computer users and is a sure way to protect your vital or confidential data files. Supports multiple users and each user can protect their own folders. But only that specific user may un-protect only the folders they protected.   Quick and simple interface guides even the most novice user through the protection process.

How it works

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You simply navigate to the folder that contains the file or files you wish to protect.

First, select a drive then the folder on that drive.

(You are free to  create a custom directory where you store your private files.)

NOTE: There are some directories that cannot be protected. For example, you can't protect the 'Windows' directory as this would render your computer inoperable. You also can't protect a folder that is in use.

Don't worry. We designed the program to know what should not be protected.

Choose your disguise

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Once you have chosen which directory to protect, you will then choose how you want to disguise that directory. We currently have five distinct disguises and are adding more all the time. When you choose your disguise the new icon for the directory will be displayed just below your choice. Then simply click the 'Add Protection' button and viola'. Your directory is now inaccessable.

When you wish to 'unprotect' your directory, simply choose which directory to unprotect and click the 'Remove Protection' button. Now your folder is ready for use.

The folder is protected

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Here we have chosen to disguise the 'QwikChek' directory as an html page.

Once disguised, the folders act like the disguise you have assigned to them.

In the above example, we have disguised the 'QwikChek' directory as a html page. When someone tries to open a folder that has been protected they are shown a blank html page. 

Simple, effective and secure.

QwikSecure allows you to secure the application by putting it into the systray. Your password then prevents unwanted visitors from tampering with your protected data while you're away. Just click on the lock icon and enter your password to quickly access your protected data.

QwikSecure features a redundant backup system to protect you against accidental deletion of the program while folders are still locked. Just contact us and we will provide a utility that will restore your folders. FREE!

And we designed QwikSecure File Protection System to automatically search for product updates so you can always have the latest version. FREE!

As an added feature, folders once protected are shielded from unwanted software intrusion such as viruses, trojans and spyware.

Other Features

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Download QwikSecure now for a fifteen day free trial.

When you are ready to purchase QwikSecure you pay only $14.95 and receive all the file protection you will ever need.

Download NOW!

Download QwikSecure File Protection System NOW!

Buy QwikSecure File Protection System NOW!

Get The QwikSecure Help File

Get Version 2.0 of QwikSecure File Protection System

(This is only a upgrade. Requires the full version to run.)

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